Two Reasons Why the BOSS LS-1630 Appeals to Hobbyists Who Are Ready for an Upgraded Engraver
Posted by laserengravingapplic, 02/23/2018 10:07 am

As many hobbyists know, entry level laser-based engraving machines have become extremely affordable. Although there is a widespread awareness as to how much low-end laser engraver prices have fallen, fewer realize that the price tags on significantly more capable machines have dropped a good bit, as well. Whereas an engraver like the BOSS LS-1630 might formerly have been out of reach of all but a few hobbyists, that is not necessarily the case anymore at all.

The Perfect Step Up for Many Amateur Laser Operators

Owning and becoming skilled at operating a hobby laser engraver can be extremely rewarding. While some hobbyists find themselves remaining satisfied with their entry-level investments, others recognize that even more in the way of capability could be rewarding.

The BOSS LS-1630 is widely regarded as the best laser engraver for hobbyists who are looking to take the next step. By offering a variety of features and benefits, including the following, compared to entry-level devices, it allows for a whole lot more to be accomplished:

Expanded work area. Most laser engraving machines that are targeted at first-time buyers include fairly small work platforms that will limit what can be accomplished. The LS-1630 goes far beyond the dimensions typical of low-end machines, with its own work area stretching nearly 16 inches on one side and almost 30 on the other. That allows the LS-1630 to accommodate and engrave significantly larger objects and materials compared to what is usual for the average competing product. That distinction alone helps make the LS-1630 an interesting option to explore for hobbyists who are ready to invest in an even more capable machine.

More power. Entry-level laser machines also typically arrive with lasers rated at 30 to 40 watts' worth of power. Once again, that is enough for some hobbyists, but it can easily be limiting for others. The LS-1630 is equipped by default with a tube that draws 65 watts of electricity and converts it into a laser beam. It can also be upgraded from the factory to a full 100 watts, making it one of the most powerful machines in its class. Because having access to more power means being able to cut more deeply and quickly, many hobbyists will be interested in these possibilities, as well.

An Investment That Opens Up Entirely New Options

Even a hobbyist who has enjoyed owning an entry-level device could therefore easily appreciate what a laser engraver like the BOSS LS-1630 has to offer. In quite a few cases, the LS-1630 has proved to be the perfect purchase for hobbyists ready to upgrade.

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